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Webinar: Connecting the Dots between Technology, Innovation, Business and People

Karen Graves
09:30 - 10:30

Please join us for this Webinar event. We believe the topic is timely and will add insight into our developing relationship with technology. 

Use the button to register and the Webinar link will be forwarded to you before 29/4/2020.

We look forward to being able to introduce you to Claire and share insights with you. 

As our market develops, understanding how we connect the dots between technology, innovation,  business and people will be essential. We want to consider this from a company perspective and also what we can do to understand, prepare and position ourselves for success in the innovative world we work in.

Speaker : Claire Koryczan

Our guest speaker on this topic is Claire Koryczan, Founder of Beyond; a tech empowerment business that is helping leaders on their transformation journey. 

You probably already know that transformation is as much about the technologies, as it is the human side in business. And it is this intersection between tech, innovation, business and people that Claire is deeply passionate about, and why she founded Beyond.

Bringing a broad knowledge of technology and innovation, alongside a comprehensive understanding of people and business, Claire is often the bridge between tech and non-tech / start-up and corporate worlds, helping to drive the "people part" of organisational transformation.

iWIN Chair : Karen Graves

Organiser : Elisha St Hilaire

Key Learning Objectives:

Understand how disruption and innovation fits into the insurance agenda

- Appreciate the challenges for organisations to meet the needs of colleagues in this changing world, operationally and culturally

- Gain an understanding how we may need to consider new approaches ourselves to our work environment and the skills we could acquire to enhance our   understanding of this change

- Learn how techonolgy can impact people and the business environment and the challenges to you may face and the skills needed to progress

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