What is iWIN?

iWIN – The insurance women's inclusivity network launched and supported by the Worshipful Company of Insurers (WCI)

In 2014, the WCI launched iWIN to provide support for the learning and development of aspiring young female professionals and to provide unparalleled networking opportunities with senior market practitioners, which a modern Livery Company like the WCI is particularly able to offer.

Livery companies have played a role at the heart of the City of London for centuries, in supporting the ethical and high quality performance of their crafts or professions, as well as encouraging younger members and apprentices on their career journeys in these professions. They have also provided a focus of philanthropic support for those less able in Society to help themselves, by donating their Company’s funds and the expertise of their Liverymen to help others at all stages of life – but particularly to help young adults. The WCI is therefore committed - root and branch - to the growing momentum of the diversity agenda and believe that iWIN is uniquely placed in its aims to encourage all female professionals in their learning and development.

iWIN has the support of many senior market professionals, both from an individual and corporate perspective. It provides a coherent voice for women in the insurance industry, offering unrivalled opportunities for networking, mentoring and targeted learning and development. A key aim of iWIN is to keep skills and knowledge up to date and prepare women for greater responsibilities. This can cover boosting confidence, strengthening professional credibility and being more creative in tackling new challenges. Some of the topics iWIN have previously promoted are speed mentoring, digital disruption in the Insurance space, using social media in business, women in strategy and leadership, interview skills and insights, as well as the art and value of networking.

From a corporate perspective, iWIN is focused on providing insight to companies as to how they can best promote, support and encourage the female talent in their organisation to achieve their career objectives and ensure that talented employees fulfil their potential. Events are designed to help women acquire knowledge and skills which are relevant to their career, whilst encouraging them to be proactive in taking control of their professional development. iWIN aims to provide up to date information on key professional and technical advances whilst balancing this with tools and insights into how female professionals can actively manage and be thoughtful about their own career progression and the challenges they may face on their career journey.

We welcome everyone to our events and they are gender inclusive, as we believe it is important to facilitate contact and networking with all those who want to support the development of women in insurance. iWIN also believes it is important to make these events truly enjoyable, fun and beneficial from both a business and social networking perspective.

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